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Cutt off Logs?

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I am wondering if you could help me with some issues that are occurring while I am trying to run log plots on my system. For some reason there is a cut-off at a certain depth with descriptions. I have tried making a new idfx, using existing formats as well as changing the depth to try to get the log to run. None of these things have resulted in a full log? Although the LAS format that I have imported run just fine. Not sure what to do but could someone phone me an assist myself?


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Guest Nicole Cordier


Could you send me an email with your phone number? We can try troubleshooting this issue over the phone.


Nicole Cordier

RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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Problems like this are better handled by emailing directly to [email protected] Please include any files necessary to duplicate the problem (ldfx, dat, etc.) or that may help explain the problem (pictures).

This forum is best suited for trying to find solutions where others experience may help. For example: The best printers for continuous output or how to achieve a particular style of output.


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