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Lithology Fence Diagrams


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I am in the process of creating several fence diagrams; I am having problems bounding the diagrams to include the entire length of all the borings. I have tried using the utility program to create grid based maps and changing the algorithms and settings, and I have tried treating it as a stratigraphic layer and using structural elevations to create the grid. But I am still having the same problem.

Any suggestions on how I can capture the entire depth of all the borings???


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I would first check that the TDs for the suspect wells, defined in the Location tabs, is adequately deep to honor all the downhole data. (There is a tool in the Edit menu - Adjust Total Depths - which will read all of the data for all of the borings in the project and adjust the TDs as necessary to encompass all of the downhole measurements.) Then try recreating the lithology model (fence).


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