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Plotting special characters in LogPlot designs

Guest Tofer Lewis

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Answer: It depends on the character you are trying to print.

If the character can be entered using the keyboard, typically with the Alt key followed by numbers, then it will plot fine in LogPlot. For example, the Spanish character ñ (an "n" with a tilde) can be entered into LogPlot as Alt+164, and it will be displayed in the description text, no problem.

You can use the Windows Character Map tool to display a listing of characters and note whether a keystroke option exists (it's usually displayed at the bottom of the Character Map window). For example, the Cyrillic "ef" character has no keystroke equivalent. It is a "unicode" character only and cannot be entered into LogPlot even when copied from the Character Map application (it will appear as a "?").

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