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  1. We are excited to announce that the RockWare GIS Link 16 is now available! Install this toolbar into ArcMap and use its tools to: + Import your RockWorks borehole locations into ArcGIS + Pick striplog/cross section/profile/fence diagram locations in ArcMap for diagram display in RockWorks + Create structural or isopach contours for display in ArcMap The RockWare GIS Link 16 requires RockWorks 16 Level 3 (with limited functionality), Level 4, or Level 5. It also requires ArcGIS Desktop 10+. RockWare GIS Link 16 can be activated automatically with RockWorks 16 Level 5 licenses: If you already have RockWorks 16 Level 5 installed and running, just download and install the GIS Link demo, add the toolbar to ArcMap, and no further licensing is required. (For lower levels of RockWorks, the GIS Link licenses are purchased separately.) More information: http://www.rockware.com/product/overview.php?id=166 Download demo: http://www.rockware.com/product/productDemo.php?id=166 RockWare, Inc. www.rockware.com