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Found 2 results

  1. AqQA 1.5 has a known issue with printing diagrams (Piper plots, etc.) to PDF using Adobe Acrobat. Possible work-arounds include: Choose File | Save Image As and save the diagram as a graphic file. Insert that file into a Word (or similar) document and print to PDF from there. Use a different PDF printer. Our tests show that PDFCreator, a free program which we use at RockWare with some frequency, prints fine. Molly Mayfield RockWare Inc
  2. This error was displayed on a Windows 7/64 computer when trying to install the AqQA program, both when running the installation executable normally and "As Administrator". The error is related to an incompatibility between the AqQA installation program (which is fairly old) and the new version of the Trend Micro anti-virus software. The only known work-around is to close all applications, disconnect from the internet, and disable Trend Micro (which may require a password). The AqQA installation then proceeds normally. Once installed, the anti-virus software can be restarted and the internet reconnected. The AqQA program itself should operate fine with the anti-virus program running. Molly Mayfield RockWare Inc.
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