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  1. If you have the RockWorks 16 build 2015.12.9 or RockWorks 17 build 2015.10.15 installed, you may see this error displayed when you check for updates when you launch RockWorks: Ancestor for pnlDirectory not found This simply means that the program has detected a new version on our website (which we posted today) and there may be a problem with the window which displays the new-update message. This problem pertains to the check-for-updates window only and does not affect the rest of the program. You can manually download and install th
  2. We uploaded a new revision of RockWorks16 today, with the following changes: + Double-clicking on an RwDat file no longer raises an exception when the "Load Last-Used File in Datasheet on Start-Up" option is activated. + Scattergrams now use the diagram size to set symbol and label sizes for consistent results. + Raster images are now stored in RockPlot2D as PNG images. This enables faster load times and smaller files. Saving files, however now takes a bit longer. + The Utilities | File | Print program no longer incorrectly offsets the columns by 1. You can download this new revisio
  3. We uploaded a new revision of RockWorks16 today, with the following changes: + Fixed a bug introduced in yesterday's published build which rendered unrecognizable the PLSS Landgrid tables (stored in C:\ProgramData\RockWorks\Landgrid). (Note that these U.S. landgrid files are installed separately from the RockWorks program. If you have already downloaded these landgrid files, you don't need to do so again. You'll just need to reinstall a newer build of the RockWorks16 program itself.) You can download this new revision of RockWorks16 either from within RockWorks itself (Help | Onl
  4. We uploaded a new revision of RockWorks16 today, with the following changes: + RockWorks is now re-enabled if the backup fails. + The Datasheet / Import / Shape File program now displays status messages as the Shape file is being imported. + The AGL Editor (accessed from the RockPlot2D / File / Import / AGL program via the Edit/Create option) no longer generates an error when selected. + RockWorks will now gracefully shut down if a connection to an SQL server is lost. This eliminates the need to used the Task Manager to shut it down. + The RockPlot3D Isosurface Options menu now inclu
  5. If you use the Edit | New Borehole menu option to manually add a new boring to the current project database, it's important that you first fill in all of the required fields - Name, Easting, Northing, Z (Elevation), Collar Elevation, and TD - in the Location table's Collar Coordinates tab. Even if you don't know some of these, such as Easting and Northing, you have to enter something into these fields, such as 0. Then, once the borehole record has been created and added to the database (you might even have to click away and click back to the record) THEN you can click on the Other Coords ta
  6. We uploaded a new revision of RockWorks16 today, with the following changes: + Expanded memory for larger models: Windows 64-bit from 2 to 4 gigabytes + New "horizontally biased kriging" algorithm for 3D block modeling + New filter for filling voids in 3D block models + Slice coordinates in RockPlot3D "model reveal" animations (see video below) + Scriptable profile and section axes titles + Improved AGS data import, especially with non-standard files + Improved statistics reports (data and grids) + and much more! Check out the Revision List: https://www.rockware.com/rockwork
  7. This new build fixes the issue with the unparented panel and installs the file MSVCP100.DLL in the RockWorks16 folder. Thanks, Tom B RockWare Inc
  8. We don't typically post new builds on Fridays as we head into the weekend, but the 2015.1.29 build uploaded yesterday created DLL errors for a few users, so we feel compelled to post this fix. This revision fixes errors related to "MSVCP100.dll" and "FreeImage32.dll" which were preventing RockWorks16 from launching. To download this version, follow these steps: 1. Click this link: https://www.rockware.com/assets/products/165/product_demo/229/rockworks16_installation.exe 2. Save the file to your computer. 3. When the download is complete, run the installation. You do not need to uninstal
  9. This new build includes fixes for solid model warping and lithology Hi Probability smoothing.
  10. We uploaded a new revision of RockWorks16 today, with the following changes: + A new solid modeling method - Highest Probability - has been added. It builds a table of all unique g-values encountered within the control points. For each of these g-values, a probablity model is created based on the inverse-square law. The program then assigns the final node values based on the g-value with the highest probability. Although this program is designed primary for lithologic modeling, it may also be used with other types of data with the caveat that the processing time increases with the number o
  11. A user recently reported a problem with missing images in the RockWorks16 Help topics, both those embedded in the Instructions pane in the program menus, as well as those in the Help | Contents system. Instead of seeing the pictures he only saw a box with an "X". This type of compiled html help uses Internet Explorer components to display the text and graphics. Typically, the blocking of any content is related to security settings established in IE. The solution was to reset the user settings in Internet Explorer: Tools | Internet Options | Advanced | Reset. Note that this process rese
  12. A customer recently reported a problem after successfully copy/pasting a column of depths and a column of measurement values into the P-Data table's Datasheet Editor - not all of the data were posted back to the database. Here's an excerpt of what their data looked like in Excel: Depth P-Data (etc.) 980 26.275 985 26.46 990 26.645 995 26.83 1,000.00 27.015 1,005.00 27.2 1,010.00 27.385 1,015.00 27.015 1,020.00 26.6 (etc.) The data looked fine when pasted into the Datasheet Editor, but once posted to the database the listing did not continue past depth 995
  13. We uploaded a new revision of RockWorks16 today, with the following changes: Level 4+ + Color Modeling works properly with declustering and faulting. + Volume and mass calculations are labeled with the project's output units. + Density units can be defined in the Lithology and Stratigraphy Types tables. Level 3+ + Stratigraphy and Lithology Types tables can be exported to the Utilities datasheet. Level 2+ + Block model Grade Statistics by Level now allows you to specify density units. + Grid and solid models can be created from comma-delimited text files. + Run analyses on e
  14. We've uploaded a new build of RockWorks16 today, with the following improvements: Level 3+ The Other Coords | PLSS Range East/West radio button OnClick Event is now triggered correctly, preventing some coordinate translation errors. Extraneous tab characters in text files being imported via File | Import | Text | Multiple-tables are now ignored. LAS import works when the machine is set to non-US number formats, the LAS file is assumed to be in US/Canadian format for floating point numbers Multiple/Bulk LAS import can now map existing boreholes to the Well Name, API number or UWI numbe
  15. We've uploaded a new build of RockWorks16 today, with the following improvements: Level 5 (RockWorks Professional): - Faults Faults Faults! Apply single or multiple, simple or complex faulting to your solid models. This involves defining the fault polyline location(s), dip angle and dip direction in the Utilities datasheet, creating a binary "fault file", then using that with your regular modeling method to restrict data influence across the fault planes. Level 4 (Borehole Modeling) and higher: - Redesigned lithology modeling options window, more consistent with gradational modeling optio
  16. While we don't like to post new builds on Friday (as we go into the weekend) we made an exception today because this build fixes some important items: + RockPlot3D: no more Access Violation when right-clicking on an item in the data tree. + Borehole Manager: Fix to Access Violation on new Value List fields which you can add to Lithology, Stratigraphy, other data tables. + Borehole Manager: Export to Excel, on systems set up to Swedish number format ("123 456 789,00") AND where there are > 2 decimal places - changed the way the numbers are exported so that Excel does not incorrectly under
  17. The most recent public build of RockWorks16 (2014.5.20) has a known issue with the Smoothing option in gradational (I-Data, P-Data, T-Data) solid models. You'll need to turn off smoothing when generating new models. Or, if you prefer you can download a previous public build please contact tech support and we can arrange for a download. Molly Mayfield RockWare Inc.
  18. In RockWorks16 we've added new "smarts" to the program for data sets with lots of missing stratigraphic data, such as historic data which can be downloaded from commercial and state sources. This topic addresses the "insert missing units" rule. This rule is displayed in the Rules and Filters pane along the right side of many of the RockWorks program menus. The Insert Missing Units rule was added to the program for situations like this, in which formations have pinched out and are not present in a borehole: HOLE-A HOLE-B Fm_A 0 20 Fm_B 0 25 Fm_D 20 30 Fm_C 25 35 Fm_G
  19. We've uploaded a new build of RockWorks16 today, with the following changes: RockWorks Professional (Level 5) + RockWorks can accommodate MDB project databases that lie outside the project folder. RockWorks Borehole Modeling (Level 4) and higher + Polygon filters have been added to the lithology modeling options. + Polygon filters and upper/lower surface filters are applied during rather than after lithology modeling, making the process faster. + Grid surfaces with null values can be used to warp lithology models. (This example is warped with a faulted surface.) RockWorks Logs &
  20. We've uploaded a new build of RockWorks16 today, with the following changes: RockWorks Professional (Level 5) + The RCL version of the ADO import of data into the Borehole manager has been updated to work for RW16 RockWorks Logs and Sections (Level 3) and higher + Much faster transfer of RockWorks15 projects to RockWorks16, particularly if you have a lot of Point data. (Hours to minutes) + The Section Selection Map now highlights the nearest borehole with a green (color will change depending on the background) rectangle if Snap is activated RockWorks Utilities (Level 2) and higher + The
  21. We forgot to post this detailed list of changes from April 9th! Here's a quick summary of the new features of the 2014.4.9 version of RockWorks16; for the detailed revisions list (all changes and fixes) please visit: http://www.rockware.com/rockworks/revisions/rw16_current_revisions.htm RockWorks Professional (Level 5) + Import commercial land grid data - create custom PLSS libraries in addition to the built-in RockWorks Landbase. RockWorks Borehole Modeling (Level 4) and higher + List strike and dip with your stratigraphic contacts, and use the new dip-gridding algorithm to interpolate st
  22. If you are working with RockWorks16, Level 5, and a SQL Server database, you may see this error if you are using one of the Borehole Manager query tools (View | Filter Boreholes or View | Select Boreholes), applying a Polygon Region query, AND your borehole names contain a "#" character (such as DH #1). The next public upload of the program will contain a fix for this. It has to do with the different characters that Access and SQL use to mark date fields, and we were filtering out the "#" characters which in turn mucks up the borehole names. In the meantime you'll need to perform the query w
  23. The RW16 installation program sets up file associations and file icons for: Rw2D, Rw3D, RwDat and RwRpt file extensions - so you can double-click on one of these file types in Windows Explorer, and Windows will know what program to use to open it. However it is possible for these settings to change even though the correct registry settings haven't been touched. To fix the file type - program associations is pretty straight forward: go to the Control Panel/Default Programs/Set Associations. Select the file extension and click change program. However this won't fix the file icons. For this you
  24. We've uploaded a new build of RockWorks16 to our website, with many new features, fixes, and improvements - here are a few: Level 4 and higher - New Projected Section program added to Lithology, Stratigraphy, P-Data, T-Data, I-Data, Aquifers, Fractures, and Colors menus - huge benefit for geotechnical projects with many boreholes and long section traces - New tools for modeling only selected stratigraphic units - huge benefit for deep project areas where you want to focus on specific strata - Improvements to all of the Profile menus for creating automatic parallel profiles as a single o
  25. We are excited to announce that the RockWare GIS Link 16 is now available! Install this toolbar into ArcMap and use its tools to: + Import your RockWorks borehole locations into ArcGIS + Pick striplog/cross section/profile/fence diagram locations in ArcMap for diagram display in RockWorks + Create structural or isopach contours for display in ArcMap The RockWare GIS Link 16 requires RockWorks 16 Level 3 (with limited functionality), Level 4, or Level 5. It also requires ArcGIS Desktop 10+. RockWare GIS Link 16 can be activated automatically with RockWorks 16 Level 5 licenses: If
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