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  1. Hi Dan, I thought you should know that I checked the forum on logplot updates and noticed issues (or bugs) were identified with the scaling and dispaying of the footers. My version of Log Plot was from back in October 2010. I upgraded to the latest version and removed the "white line" to see if the problem went away after the upgrade. Low and behold the footers are now being displayed and printed correctly w/o the addition of the "white line". This is good and I'm glad it wasn't something I did to the ldfx. Thanks again
  2. Hi Dan, Sorry for the delay. I've been off on another project and this is the first chance I got to try out your suggestions. First I tried the less intrusive option of checking the "Adjust vertical position at top and bottom of page" w/o any success. I still lose the bottom line of the footer box so I uncheck the box to return it to its original state. I then added the white line below the footer box and the complete footer box and all the data inside now shows up as expected. Thank you for your help Dan! Any ideas what what was happening or what could have caused this in the first place? The ldfx in question was used for several wells prior w/o any trouble. Thanks again
  3. Dan, I'm having the same problem with LogPlot with the lower box of the footer being cut off. My ldfx file worked fine for other dat files I created in the past but has now developed the problem with a new dat setup I'm putting together. Is there a simple fix that I can do myself or do I need to send you the files to be fixed? Thanks
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