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  1. Yes - I did "explode" Thank you for confirming vertical offset.
  2. Where do offset grids come from? Attached file jpeg snip. Strat model operating fine. Curious of the duplication. Thank you
  3. Transferring BH Map to Google earth results in Red X. Transferring via Google Earth Simple or Advanced tools results in perfect data. Attached is the latest backup. I must be missing something and would appreciate guidance. Thank you Craig Smith Walker Williams SW #3200207.zip
  4. Appreciate the solution, I simply missed it. Thanks Tom
  5. Hi Forum Appreciate solution ideas: Strip Log designer for two quality parameters [brightness and density] is placing brightness text number into both quality columns. Have confirmed I text check, order and visible under interval columns. I am missing something to correct this programing fault. Thanks for insight. Walker Williams SW #3200111.zip
  6. Hi Paul Sent the backup to you. Let me know your thought Craig
  7. I have a 700 point xyz dataset. EZ Topo tool contours honor data but shifted way outside the project dimensions. A puzzling occurrence Thank you for insights. Craig Topo Data Set.rwDat
  8. I did, and thanks for the correction! Best
  9. Tom I sent the requested files. Let me know your thoughts Thank you
  10. I am extracting a solid ore from modeled I data. Everything working well, extraction volume good, filtered ore by data range good, pit constraints as to depth and slope good. Boolean model respects the 2850 base constraint. However two issues with extraction 3D model: 1. the program base elevation is zero, rather than the model dimensions base to 2850. 2. the 3d diagram will not stretch Although I have the answer expected, the 3D drawing needs improvement. Using RW16 BTW. Thank you
  11. Hi Tom I understand and will answer to complete my process clarity; before using Jim's solution, for the forum. This may help future users. I constrained the model with a polygon clip and grids of the upper and lower ore surfaces. However the last action - reducing the z from 5 feet to 1 foot, eliminated the volume differential within acceptable limits. The model processing still functioned comfortably timewise. Really appreciate the forum and valuable inputs Thank you Craig
  12. Jim Great suggestion. I reduced z spacing to 1 foot and the volume is acceptable. Now the block model can be tweaked to understand interval grades factors. Appreciate the time you took to write a solution. Best Craig
  13. I have created a stratigraphic model with Boreholes interval quality data. The strat-model is simple layer cake. The stats of the modeled ore layers equal 1.6 million cu yds. Modeling the interval data yields a much bigger volume, 776M cu ft or 28M cubic yards, constraining this to the top and base of the strat model grids reduces the I data volume to 7 M yards, still too large. It is puzzling the volumes do not match exactly. Dimensions and nodes are same for the Strat Model and I Data. The 3D models, profiles and cross sections are similar. Models total 5 MB so too big to send here. Hope you have a suggestion to resolve this volume disparity. Thanks Craig
  14. Database complete: now I have metric issue. Coordinates are Google UTM 10N, M = metric. Drill logs are feet, elevations are feet. RW reads all data as metric, what is best action? Thank you
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