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  1. Hi Alison Zip file is uploaded. Appreciate technical review. Problem: Importing dxf into xyz points resulted in a 200' shift from actual. Database was state plane NM 3002, converted to utm zone 13N, triangulation contour map viewed in Google, contours not lined up with the mined backwall image. 200' - 250' Shift SW indicated. Thank you Craig
  2. Appreciated. The dxf file is 33mb. Does Tech have a shared location? Thank you
  3. I still show a 200' shift in the data. Can you review the Google KMZ [1.6mg] produced from the original dxf file [33mg]? The backwall contours should line up on the aerial photo in Google. Thank you
  4. Good idea and trialed. A better solution was found examaning and adjusting project dimensions. I now have good gridded topo that appears shifted 250 feet east of actual. Since data originates as state plane coordinates, I suspect I need to choose the eastern zone of New Mexico. I have not run into this problem before and will advise results. If you have another suggestion, let me know. Thank you
  5. Gridded topo model from utilities data, results in spider lines outside dinmensions. Constraining with spatial grid, poly clip does not exclude points outside dimensions. Looking for a suggestion to make checked spatial filter work. Thank you
  6. ideas to resolve access violation address 4115CF, RW20, read of address 2. Gridding TOPO from datasheet ~1800 lines. Project dimensions scanned from topo data. Probably a simple correction I am overlooking Thank you
  7. Hey Jim I found the refresh button Sorry to bother Craig
  8. RW 2021 version.2.9 Refresh data is good explaination, how would I refresh without closing down? Thank you
  9. This puzzled me but discovered workaround. When adding dummy BH's to +200 BH database through the Utility location transfer, all BH's but one disappeared in BH manager. I had made a backup before the transfer. I closed RW20, opened RW20 and all BH's, plus the new ones were in the Borehole Manager. Is there an explanation? Thank you
  10. Hi Tom, Thanks again for guidance. Regridded topo for surface improvement. Added "basement BH's" and poly clipped to basement outcrop. Recreated model with simpler algorhithum. Volume is now reasonable. Grid checks and strat model checks next. Your guidance saved me a lot of time. Best Craig
  11. Hi Tom - good guidance, I will try tomorrow. BH data density ~3 acres/BH, and all BH's were not drilled through all the strata. So the resoulution is limpacted. Thank you Craig
  12. Two tech-problems in Strat modeling: 1. Volume of model is very low at 5.7 cubic million feet, checked dimensions in google [good] and units [utm feet], and volume ft3 good 2. Surface profile checked in Strat Model Sections [red line] results in basement grid top redline. Generating section does not provide ground surface. I checked grid dimensions are same in topo grid / project grid. Surface profile checked, Topo grid model correct. Two strange problems I have had before and resolved by moving data to new project BTW - System is not allowing me to upload latest backup 109kb and section BMP 120kb file, Please advise Thank you
  13. Good advice to simplify. I made a section location map, so adding map is unnecessaary. Thank you
  14. My issue is reducing fonts of depths, itext #1 and #2 to better fit between sample lined intervals. In RW 20 I have modified the font to .00005 with no change to font. Small size 0.5 is too big. Does RW20 limit the font reduction? Would like to improve clarity in section. Thank you Section 2.Rw2D
  15. Hi Again Molly Section 15 adjusts well with manual elevations. Attached Another issue if reducing fonts of depths, itext #1 and #2 to better fit between sample lined intervals. I have modified the font to .00005 with no change. Does RW20 limit the font reduction? Would like to improve clarity. Thank you Section 15.Rw2D
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