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  1. Diane

    Nested Piezometer

    I asked the question originally because I thought that this must be possible in logplot (to show a nested piezometer installation with the installation materials between the separate PVC pipes). I had tried to work with offsets, which make it possible to show the two pipes, however I could not figure out how to show the installation materials (sand, gravel and bentonite) between the piezometers. If it possible to do this in Logplot, can you please provide instruction or a starting point. I am not concerned about any additional annotation.
  2. Diane

    Nested Piezometer

    The example is similar to what I am trying to produce. I have attached an PDF file with a schematic of the nested piezometer; this is similar to how I would like it to result in the log. Ideally, the area between the PVC pipes would show the installation material. Multiple Well installation log.pdf
  3. Diane

    Nested Piezometer

    I want to show a well installation that was done with nested piezometers. Can anyone offer how is it best to do this in LogPlot7?
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