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  1. Hi Tom, I have worked many years on image processing and image interpretation... I know the importance of it and usage on geosciences... It gives a lot of informations and add an another dimension to geo-works both in mining, environment and other works whichs are the subjects of Rockworks. Tom, We can use the scanned old aerial images or digital satellite images on Rockworks by three ways ; - one of them is the classic photogeologic approach by adjusting the eye-base of 2 images on a plain and creating the stereo visualization (attached pic.1), it gives us only the interpretation in one platform (in Rockworks) and have a good understanding of the study area and gives us additional interpretations. Then we will be back to our geo-data again in Rockworks... - the second one is the anagylph stereo images creation by using registered (coordinated) only one mono image with related DEM (attached pic.2).It gives us again only the interpretation in one platform (in Rockworks) and have a good understanding of the study area and gives us additional interpretations. We will use this time 3D Anaglyph (Red-Cyan eye glasses).Then we will be back to our geo-data again in Rockworks... -the last one is a photogrammetric approach... We can create a RPC file of two seperate images by using sensor data for interior orientation and GCPs (Ground Control Points) for the exterior orientation. After that we can create a left and right epipolar images. We will use this time 3D Anaglyph (Red-Cyan eye glasses)Finally we can visualize it with real coordinates in stereo, measure the focused point's x,y and z value, extract the 3D data for example buildings, roads or the topography. Tom, If you add these tools to Rockworks, this will give us (all the geoscientist) an unbelievable working environment and make the Rockworks absolutely the best. This times, we can find whatever we need only in Rockworks... Please look at this web address given below. There is a mining application from the space (with aerial images). http://members.iinet.net.au/~swph@iinet.net.au/ Please look at this web address given below.We can also do the terrestial photogrammetry for slope stability or any other geologic processes (captured images on the ground) and use on Rockworks. http://instaar.colorado.edu/tpb/geology.html I wish you all successes. please do it. Thanks again and best wishes again from Turkey, from ESRI Turkey,
  2. Dear My Friends... This is Mr. Cengiz DOĞANGÖNÜL from ESRI Turkey. Hydrogeologist and Coordinator at ESRI Turkey... My Friends... We have used the trial version of Rockworks, LogPlot and if possible we would like to become a partner with you. We know how your softwares are very qualified and usefull for geosxcientists... Thank you very much for your efforts. Really your softwares are very qualified softwares. If possible, ı would like to see a new menu item which is about the simple STEREO IMAGERY PREPERATION and STEREO VISUALIZATION. Please complete this item and make some tools for it. For example, ı can have a scanned two digital stereo pair aerial imagery and want to work on it. Rockworks will be a good platform for it...At the end we will find to work on an absolutely all in one platform. I request it from you. Thanks and best wishes from Turkey, Cengiz DOĞANGÖNÜL,
  3. Hi Jim, Thank you very much for your helps. I have downloaded all 48 video files without any problem. These are really great. Thanks again, Cengiz,
  4. Friends, I am enclosing some screenshots of my model in ArcGIS - ArcScene, by using evaluation version of Rockworks 15. Cengiz,
  5. Hi Mitch, Yes, you have right. We have tools on Grafix/3D-Utilities menu for 3D features, but it gives continiously error and rockworks crashes. I am using the last compilation. In ESRI Turkey, we are creating too many 3D Shapefiles by using photogrammetric solutions on ArcMap. So that, ı requested direct import option. Thanks and best wishes from ESRI Turkey, Cengiz,
  6. Hi Mitch, Hi Jim ; Thanks for your efforts. Yesterday and this morning, ı have tried to reach to Youtube website too much, but the explanation which was on this webpage (http://dariusalam.wo...ban-workaround/) does not work. A friend of mine has found another solution and changed a file at the Windows\system32\drivers\ ... I can reach the website of youtube anymore , no problem but it still gives an error of "An error occured..." and we can not find the videos... I am enclosing the screenshot. Jim, please create an FTP site. I will be trying to download the videos manually. I am gratefull my friends. Thnaks and best wishes from ESRI Turkey, Cengiz,
  7. Hi Jim, It is applied all Youtube videos not only for Rockworks. We can not reach the Youtube from Turkey. So that we can not watch the Rockworks videos. I have tried the all everythings... Please show me a way that ı can download the Rockworks videos. Thanks. Best wishes from Turkey,
  8. Mitch, Thanks for your quick reply. I meant that we have to apply 3D features like 3d extruded buildings on RockPlot3D. It gives us most reliable visualization and interpretation options. Thanks, Cengiz,
  9. Dear Friends, We can not reach and watch the Rockworks videos on Youtube from Turkey... Because to reach on youtube from Turkey is restricted by some reasons. I would like to watch these videos immediately while we were evaluating the Rockworks, but ı can not. Please could you show us a new way to download these videos and watch them ? Best wishes from ESRI Turkey, Cengiz,
  10. Dear My Friends, As ESRI Turkey, we have decided to use Rockworks 15 and Rockworks GIS Links. These are the best modeling softwares. We have been downloaded the installed the trial software and evaluating... Really good softwares with ESRI... My Friends, I would like to ask the developers of Rockworks software. Please could you add an ability to import 3D shapefiles to Rockplot3D ? There are a few softwares which has this ability. It takes the software to the top. If Rockworks can import the 3D shapefile and show it as a extruded feature (for example, in Z direction extruded buildings...), it will absolutely the best. I would like to see it in next versions, really... This is a dream of a hydrogeologist, Thanks and best wishes from ESRI Turkey, Cengiz,
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