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  1. boundary of lithoblending

    Hi Molly, thanks for answer. Thanks Dejan
  2. boundary of lithoblending

    greetings as far I understand horizontal lithoblending it assign know value to all unknow value in a horizontal circle until doesnt come to another know value. thank for the help Dejan
  3. Import a *.asc file to make a grid

    when importing try with ˝.˝(335.34 m) instead with ˝,˝
  4. fractures+solid model

    correction: with fractures I meant faults. so I am asking is it possible to make a 3D solid model consisting from lithology and faluts? I also attached geological map of the area.
  5. solid model to grid model

    Hi Alison, thanks for you help, I will try to isolate each layer by elevation....I will let you know if it was succesfull. Dejan
  6. fractures+solid model

    Greeting, Since you have always been very helpfull I hope you can help me one more time. My problem is next. I have a geological map and 4 geological profiles (see atthachment). From that I would like to make a 3D model. The way I would do it is next: On the profiles I will take few points with known xy and I will make a log for lithology (so from profiles I will get a data for z - depth). thats how I will have few points from the area, and from that I will try to do solid model for lithology. The problem occoures because the area is very fractured so I guess the programme will have problems to make a good 3D model. I guess I would also be able to do a solid model for main fractures...Is there a way to join lithologic model with fracture model. So once more...I need to do a 3d model with lithology and fractures in one cage, from the geological map and its profiles. Can you please tell me what would be the best way to do it, if is it possible?! Thank you for your help, best regards, Dejan
  7. solid model to grid model

    Alison, first thanks for really fast reply! It looks like that it is going to work now. Your instructions were really helpful. I have one more question. for example you have three layers of clay on a different altitude and different xy, is it possible to seperate them in the solid model and to make for each one new grid? once more, thanks for your help regards, Dejan
  8. solid model to grid model

    hello I would like to know if is it possible to convert solid model to grid model. thanks for the anwser, greetings Dejan
  9. background of lithoblending

    Hi! I have one question. could you please explane to me how the lithoblending works? what is the theory of that algorithm? for example I am searching a simmilar explanation like it is here for kriging: http://www.nbb.cornell.edu/neurobio/land/oldstudentprojects/cs490-94to95/clang/kriging.html . I would like to know a bit of background of this method. and another question, for making a lithological model, are there avaible only lithoblending and closest point or can I use some other methods such as Kiriging or IDW?! many thanks for the anwsers! Greetings, Dejan