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  1. Tom- Tom, thanks for catching the units error. I fixed the script (attached below) to read the values as molal and that greatly improves the situation, but the values produced manually still do not replicate the values reported via the script. For example, the "manual" model yields Hematite 3.7604s/sat Goethite 1.3588s/sat Jarosite-K -2.5521 Fe(OH)3(ppd) -2.7895 While the script yields Hematite 3.187 Goethite 1.072 Jarosite-K -3.295 Fe(OH)3(ppd) -3.077 For the first set of conditions in the jarosite.txt file. Any ideas?? Jarosite Script 2.sp8
  2. Here is the Jarosite.text input file (attached) Jarosite.txt
  3. Hello, I'm trying to run multiple saturation index analyses for the first time in SpecE8 in version 7.0. I've managed to adapt the calcite example to work for my data and it will run (Jarosite script attached), however the mineral SIs reported in the ouput file are different than those calculated if I manually input the data into SpecE8 (jarosite basis attached). The differences are small if I run the model at 25 C, but become very significant at T=50. Can anyone point me towards a solution or explanation? Many thanks! Megan Jarosite Script.sp8 jarosite basis.sp8
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