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  1. I cannot patch it. See attched. (Read above one time more and that I am more poet than geochemist) I am sure that I have GWB 8.0
  2. Hi Tom, I kind of upset with GSS behavior. It crashes sometimes, ~40% cases, when I try to save it. No error messages. Nothing. Gets closed with no changes in the file. I get feeling that it is happening whent I try to change ether concentration units or symbols for the samples. I am getting irritated redoing the work. I can do water chemistry diagram plotting in AqQA that I bight from you, but it has very limited editing options for the plot. Please see attached file and reccomend what to do. Thanks, Nikolay Brady_min_max.gss
  3. Thanks for quick response – you save two days for the project (and killed my week end, which supposed to be killed) I did work, but with problems. First, I load file Acid_brine.rea and run the React. Then I picked the brine to the reactants. Secondly, I loaded file Mineral_160m_CO2.rea with initial solution and mineralogy (aquifer composition). During the second step there is a change happening with H and O on reactants tab (see screenshot and files in your mailbox). Oxygen impacted the most, from -2.3e-10 to -0.001 moles. This change greatly impacts pe of the model. Please could you clarify what am I doing wrong and why is this change happening? Thanks, Nikolay
  4. Hi Tom, I have one fluid on basis tab and kinetic minerals and gas injection rate on Reactants tab. I would like to add second solution to the system at certain rate (10 ml/year). What is the best in GWB way to do this “kinetic” mixing? How can I input composition of the second fluid once and then change rate of the injection? Could you respond today please? – I will be working through weekend. Thank you in advance, Nikolay
  5. Thanks a lot, We can close the topic, but I wish we would have a some king topic for "troubleshooting steps for convergance issues" pinned, as there is no such thing in the manual.
  6. Thanks! Did work when I the file copied into Windows/fonts folder.
  7. Thank you for the advice, Unfortunately, I need all of them - regulatory requirements. Most of them now are conservative and model runs well without Na-montmorillonite, as I mentioned. Any other suggestions why montmorillonite chokes the model? Regards, Nikolay
  8. Hi Tom, I tried extract the .ttf file and right click on it - there is no "installation option". See attached screenshot in your e-mail.
  9. Hi Tom, Trying to run relatively simple kinetic model (see attached). It did not converge after addition of the Na- montmorillonite. If this one killed form the reactants or swapped as EQ mineral – model work well. I will probably end up with EQ control for Na- montmorillonite. I played a bit with time-step settings, but it did not help. I can ether run Na- montmorillonite one set of settings or the rest of the minerals with different ones. Could you look at the attached file please? Thank you in advance, Nikolay Mineral_35m.rea
  10. Thank you, but it did not work. I saved it. Right click the file -there is no option to install as it is just win-zip file with font in it, but not self installer. I Could not attach the screeshot - size quota. Regards, Nikolay
  11. No it did not go off after the reboot. Please send the installer.
  12. Hi Tom, I cannot get scatter data (only – no labels) on the plot of act2. See files attached. Could you resolve the problems, please? Thank you in advance. ph_pe.txt pH-pe_fe.ac2
  13. Your comment "Also, for your GSS problem, you did not include the GSS dataset, and the screenshot you sent is the same as the Act2 scatter data issue you mention." The screenshot has an error message. I am having the message strating GSS software. No dataset has been generated yet. Problem with instalation?
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