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  1. Hi Tom Thanks for the additional information. However, I'm still not entirely clear how to proceed with this. For example, if I want to model exchange on smectite, which say has 4 exchange components (e.g. Na, K, Ca, Mg), do I need to have 4 versions of the IonEx database for each of the components, i.e. one each for Na, K, Ca and Mg? It would be a lot easier to do this if the input requirements for GWB were like those in PHREEQC - presumably this would be easy to implement? Also, in PHREEQC you can calculate the exchanger composition in equilibrium with a given water composition, which is also a very useful feature. Whilst I'm on the subject of GWB developments, I'm really surprised that there's no capability for modelling solid-solutions. Again, this capability is in PHREEQC, and as I recall, was available in EQ3/6 (albeit for ideal solid solutions) about 20 years ago. Is this something that you can include for the next version? Many thanks for your help. best regards Dave
  2. Hi Tom Many thanks for the pointers. I think I understand what you mean, but it does seem a bit of an obtuse way of doing it! Is this something that you might address in the next GWB update? I think a more transparent way of specifying the exchange composition would benefit a lot of users. best regards Dave
  3. How do I set the occupancies on the (solid) exchanger phase when I'm using the ion exchange option in SpecE8 and React? I can see how to set the total CEC and exchange constants, but not the site occupancies. Any ideas?
  4. Hi Tom Your suggestion worked! Many thanks! best regards Dave_S
  5. I'm running GWB on a Mac through a VMWare virtual machine. It works fine. However, when I include scatter data on an ACT2 plot, although the plot looks OK on my PC window, when I transfer the plot to my Mac desktop and open with Illustrator, the scatter data symbols appear as odd characters (e.g. 'J's' instead of dots). (see attached file). This happens with .svg, .eps, and .emf files (I haven't tried any others). Is there a scatter data character I can choose that will be recognised on both operating systems?
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