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  1. Okay, so I'm using a dataset I literally used last week, and I'm trying to make a simple lithology profile. I follow the same steps (lithology-->profile), specify my model, surface, perimeter annotations, etc, but now when I go to select where I want my section, there is no longer an option for swath? I still get one if I want the logs plotted on well logs plotted on the section, but not if I just want the lithology profile. Has this always been the case or did something change?
  2. Okay, so I tried importing a DXF file and I get this error everytime, regardless of the autocad version the DXF is saved in: Warning: An unexpected entity [MTEXT] has been found. Line 462 (Abort/Ignore) Abort yields- Error: Unable to read teh DXF file - Unknown error on line 464:6A Ignore yields no more errors, and the DXF appears in the Data column left of RockPlot, but the line doesn't draw at all. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks for your quick reply...is there a way to create a spacially correct/georeferenced DXF file? Can RW15 handle georeferenced files better than RW14? It's very important that the files be as spacially accurate as possible. Also, if I create a graphic/dxf file that is significantly larger than the model i'm going to use, will the model still be able to process it (e.g. if I were to make a graphic of the San Andreas fault, but only do a lithology model for a few hundred km area that intersects the san andres)? Thanks again for your quick reply!
  4. I've been using RW 14 for awhile, but my new boss wants me to be able to show a fault/fault plane on a lithology model. Is this possible? Is there a way to create or import a vector type graphic that will draw through the model block?
  5. Okay, I'm using rockworks 14, and have been using it for a few years now. Just recently I started having a problem I'm not sure how to combat. I'm creating simple lithology models (From databases I've used MANY times without error) and regardless of node spacing, my models seem to stop progressing once they get to the "interpolating voxel values" part of the model. The only thing that has changed is that in the past 6 months we updated from Windows XP to Windwos 7 pro 64-bit. Has anyone else run into this problem/have a work around?
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