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  1. Crashing when saving

    Problem solved. Thank you Mitch!
  2. Crashing when saving

    Generating 3D models from I-data and P-data modules, works fine until I go to save and then kerpluey. Bug report is attached. I emailed it in also. Any help soon would be killer! PCEsave bugreport.txt
  3. I am creating 3D solid models of groundwater plumes. Often times processing terminates at about 97% while creating well logs. Is this going to affect the accuracy of the solid model? Im sure it explains why sometimes all of my monitor well location text doesn't show up, wondering if I'm missing anything else due to this. More importantly, how do I solve this problem, is it just a matter of a RAM upgrade? Thanks for any suggestions! -Matt G
  4. Solid Morphing/Model Size

    Thanks Tom, I'm good to go now... although I have a new issue, I'll start a new thread since it's not morph related.
  5. Solid Morphing/Model Size

    Newbie here, trying to create a morph of several models to show plume migration over time. Getting error: "floating point overflow". Wondering what the causes are for this error. Problem may be related to model size/node density, as I ran statistics on models being used and they vary slightly (example models attached). How can I force model size/node density to be the same for models that differ with data from different locations? Also, it seems intuitive that I should be specifying a filepath for what datasheet to read when creating the morph, but am not prompted and do not see where to do so? Am I missing something, or does the program just read from whatever datasheet is open in the utilities area? Thanks for your help, this forum seems like a valuable resource from what Ive seen.