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    database templates

    I just did a similar thing with a large data set. The key is to do it in Excel (not input directly through the RW interface), then import the excel file. I found the best way to do this was to create 2-3 dummy holes, setup all the Lithology Types, Stratigraphy Types, P-Data Types etc, then populate them with some dummy data. Once everything is populated, under borehole manager, hit file, export, xls. This will give you a nice Excel sheet with all the correct headings and data structure. Once you have your RW Excel output, export all data from your database (perhaps gINT?) to an excel sheet and copy/paste the values into the appropriate fields in the RW Excel sheet. Looking through help, there are also a number of ways to pull data straight from gINT etc, but this method worked best for me as I only populated lithology, stratigraphy and about 4 different P-Data types.
  2. Dan C

    Curved Profiles

    Hi all, I have created a database of several hundred drillholes for a motorway redevelopment project. My manager has decided that he wants me to create 3 profiles along the alignment (broken into about ten 1km sections i.e. 30 profiles); one along the north side, one along the centre line and one along the south side. He wants every hole extrapolated onto every section. This would be all fine and good, however it seems that I can only create straight-line profiles? Is there any way I can create a curved profile that would follow the motorway alignment, preferably defining it from an XYZ file that follows the centre-line chainage? The only idea I could come up with is to create hundreds and hundreds of short profiles, export as dxf, then stitch them together in AutoCAD, but the time it would take to do this would be much longer than just doing it by hand. He wont accept sections, or fences as the profile must follow the alignment of the project, not the path of the drillholes and must contain all the holes passed on the way. Any help is much appreciated.
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