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  1. Mitch - seem to have fixed it, reset tab columns brings the columns back and now have xyz when I want. Thanks Patrick
  2. Should have said, it just I-data which is NOT showing xyz columns Patrick
  3. Hi Mitch - I'm on 2010.7.2. I'm doing two projects with similar datasets, on one the xyz values show up fine for all sets, on the other its just i-data which does show them. However it did at one point yesterday when I was able to export and work with the data. Its not that the columns are empty but it doesn't even show the columns. I've recalculated xyz values on the edit command. Thanks Patrick
  4. Hi - I'm trying to display the xyz values for I-data. When I select "show xyz data" then it works for the other sections, stratigraphy etc. However in the i-data column it only display the depth. Thanks
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