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  1. Thanks Molly, significantly reducing the spacing helped a lot.
  2. How do you adjust the VE of just the boreholes?
  3. Good Morning, I am still working with Rockworks 15 (I know, I've been trying to get it upgraded) and trying to plot some sections using a model I created from my data. Several of my boreholes plot well above the model, subsequently try plot well above the section as well. The spacing between my cores is significant, and I have a feeling that the vertical exaggeration has something to do with it. The VE is necessary to adequately view the profiles. Any Suggestions? I've included a few images to show you what I mean.
  4. kkelso22

    Display Help

    Good Afternoon, I attended the February 2016 Rockworks 17 workshop held at the Table Mountain Inn. I brought up the following issues to the Rockworks support staff at the workshop, but no one could help me. I'm sending the data again in the hope that someone can help me figure this out. I have around 60 short sediment core logs that were taken over a very wide area. When I go to display the logs in any sort of 3D diagram I need to crank the V.E. up to around 300 just to visualize the figure. When I do this it places the bore hole labels well above the figure and out of site (unless you zoom very far out, which does me no good). How can I move the labels down so they are visible when displaying the boreholes at any scale? Also, even though I have the project dimensions to be read from the Logplot core logs, the maximum and center values don't make any sense. From the logs (originally Logplot .dat files) my maximum elevation is -3.35 meters and my minimum elevation is -15.25 meters, but when I plot a 3D diagram the default values for these boxes are a minimum of -15.61 meters (not too far off) and a maximum of 253.65 meters with a center elevation of 119.02 meters (both way off). I don't understand why these are the default values. Does anyone have an idea? I have attached several screen shots and data for you to mess around with at you leisure. Thank you very much in advance. Project Dimensions.zip Logplot.zip
  5. Mitch, Have you enabled the use of Sub/Superscript text yet? It would really come in handy right now. Is there a way to copy-paste special text characters?
  6. Thanks Tom, I appreciate your help. The min/max curve just might work.
  7. Just wondering if there was a way to add error bars to data entered into a Curve Column? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for replying to my message Mitch. I saw the tool for applying the clipping filter to an already existing model, and suppose it will work. What I was hoping for was an application that would limit the creation of a grid to only areas in which I have data. I would like to create a model with a top surface that better resembles the seafloor. Any Suggestions?
  9. I'm very new to Rockworks 15, so the answer to this is probably out there, I just havent taken the time to research it yet. I have well data located around an island, but have no data for the island itself. Can I use a shapefile or other data type to tell Rockworks to disregard the extrapolation of data to these areas? Any other suggestions? Thank you very much!
  10. Just wondering if LogPlot can display well data in units other than cm and inches. I would like the well to be displayed in meters. Thanks!
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