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    Plume Model

    Hi Tom, Thanks for the help, that worked out good. Thanks, Donovan
  2. drcorrell

    Plume Model

    I am trying to create a 3d plume model of petroleum product on the surface of groundwater. I have the depth to top and depth to bottom of the product. I have no concentration data so I put a 1 for the value. I imported the data into I-data. I want to create a 3D model that shows the product thickness and extent of the product. I have created plume models before but they all had concentrations of VOCs or whatever to each well. The only data I have for this model is whether product was present and how thick the product was. My goal is to then create sections out of the 3d model and append to lithology cross sections I have already created. Thank you for your help. Archive000.zip
  3. I have created several plan maps that contour PCE concentration in groundwater at a site. The high concentration in several wells(9000 ug/L) causes me to set the contour intervals at 500. I then set the lower limit at 1 but the map then shows some of the lower concentration wells (between 1-500ug/L) as having no concentration. I would like to clip out the outer edges with a polygon so I can get rid of all the pink color outside the well field. Is there a way to clip using a polygon? I have attached the plan map. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.
  4. Hello I created 3D models of groundwater quality at a site over time. I then used solid/morph to stitch them together to show time-based changes within multiple solid models. What I was wondering is if a timeline of some sort can be added to the video or text display of what model is currently displayed in the video. Thank you for your time. Thanks, Donovan
  5. Thank you for the help Tom, it worked just fine. I do have another question, some of the boreholes have half foot intervals of clay with some other soil above and below. Went I make a cross section the small clay layer does not show up in the section. Is a half foot interval too small to show up in the section? Thanks, Donovan
  6. I am having a problem with lithology not being displayed for the full length of the boring in the section model. I have the lower surface filter set to automatic (based on max boring depth). I would like to create my own grid file with the max boring depth as some wells were drilled deeper to collect additional lithology. So the total depth in the location section of the database is not the always the max depth that we have lith data for. Could this be why not all the data is displayed. Could I create my own grid file of max depths and use that as the lower surface filter. If so how do I create my own grid file? I have attached a preview of the section if that helps. Thanks, Donovan
  7. drcorrell

    CAD Overlay

    I was wondering if there was a way to overlay a site map in the form of a AutoCad file or any file I could export out of CAD onto a 3D model. For example I created a 3D model(T-data) of benzene concentration in the groundwater at a site. I would like to place a site map on the model to better see what part of the site you are looking at. I would also like to overlay a CAD site map onto the map view of a lithology cross section model.
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