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  1. While using the Act2 program, I was modeling UO2++ behavior at varying pH's and phosphate concentrations. I noticed on of the plots looked odd, only one species showed up on the graph. We've had something like this happen on a different computer and concluded the problem was a computer error because we compared it to an earlier saved script of the same basis. So I tried to recreate the same script, however both scripts showed the same basis but totally different graphs. I made sure to even check redox couples, and suppressed materials, etc. The databases read the same: thermo.com.v8.r6+.dat, u
  2. Oh sorry, I just realized I didn't attach it. Here it is. SpecE8 basis 1 carbonate.sp8
  3. Hello, In the SpecE8 program, I incorporated all necessary compounds to be mixed in solution. However, when the program ran the simulation, an error message displayed that the residuals were too large or that *N-R didn't converge. When I played around with the constraints on the initial system, trying to balance charge, etc..., the simulation did sometimes balance but with either 200%+ error, or balanced elements which resulted in a solution mass of greater than 1X10^171kg.
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