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  1. Hi Tom, When you calculate charge balance using GSS a screen pops up with two options: Treat zero values as no data and Treat less than values as no data If these boxes are not checked how does GSS handle zero values and less than values when calculating charge balance? Thanks, Amy
  2. Hi, I am getting the follwing error when trying to open a saved gss spreadsheet. I will e-mail the spreadsheet to you. Thanks, Amy Error message.doc
  3. Amy_

    Problem with GSS

    Hi, I wanted to give you some more detail as I just triggered the error again. I had just completed looking at a batch of samples, so I hid them and began to shift the next batch of interest up. I had just moved the first sample up, then scrolled up to the top of the spreadsheet with the mouse when the error occurred.
  4. Amy_

    Problem with GSS

    I have e-mailed you the spreadsheet. Basically what I have been doing is grouping samples using the drag and drop feature in order to group data by site based on the LL# in the sample name. For example dragging everyting with LL1 to the top of the spreadsheet so they are easy to highlight and plot using XY and piper plots. Twice during dragging and dropping samples the error message popped up and the system crashed.
  5. Amy_

    Problem with GSS

    Version 8.0.8, build 3988
  6. Amy_

    Problem with GSS

    Hi, I have been shifting samples around on GSS in order to group samples together for analysis. Twice I have gotten the error message attached below and the system has crashed. Any idea what I am doing to trigger this error message and how to avoid it? Thank-you, Amy GSS Error Message.doc
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