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  1. Hi Tom, of course I haven´t read the whole GWB Modeling Tom - I understood your statement. It seems to be logical. But: I doesn´t work. I tried this day several variants. But always I get error messages. Either unexplainable (error in line 351 Zn+) oder "unknown reaction entry HPO4 oder PO4". It only works as I mentioned (HAp but no struvite, also by suppressing HAp - no struvite in the plot) if I choose HPO4-- AND PO4--- in the basis. I also cancelled all minerals having "HPO4" in their reaction entry to avoid the error message "unknown reaction entry".... I´m sorry for being so problematical. Wish you a nice weekend! Yours, Anke
  2. Hello, I´m working in the sector "P-recovery from sewage". With GWB I want to reproduce what´s happening with different sewage. The treatment of supernatant liquor shows struvite as recovered product. So I expanded thermo.dat by the mineral struvite. After several complications ( ) it worked. But now: If I choose in the basis "HPO4--" I just get Hydroxylapatite in GtPlot (while Hydroxylapatite and Struvite are supersaturated". If I choose "PO4---" I just get Struvite. The pH-value is neutral to alkaline, so "HPO4--" has to be the right form....Another problem: I just have the thermodynamic constant for Struvite at 25 °C, no other one. Does somebody have an idea, what´s wrong? Thank you very much. Kind regards, Anke Email me
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