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  1. Thanks for the help, when I did that and the surface didn't show up by itself, I realized that I had exported the vertical units of my DEM as meters instead of feet. It was outside my elevation bounds. I knew it was something easy but those things are always the hardest to figure out! Thank you!
  2. I am sure there is a simple solution to this, but for the life of me I can't figure it out! I am trying to model I-Data that is constrained by an upper surface. When the model is finished there is no I-Data appearing, only the logs are plotted. However, when I create the data not constraining it to the upper surface the model plots correctly. I am assuming there is something wrong with the upper surface grid but they are the same dimensions and node spacing. What else can I do to fix this? Thanks!
  3. Thank Molly, that fixed everything! Thanks for the quick response!!
  4. I have been using RW14 for almost a year now and came across a new problem! I am creating some cross sections using the stratigraphy and everything is working fine. The colors of each unit are being displayed fine, no problem. But when I try to create a fence diagram of the cross sections the colors go all wonky. The same thing happens when I try to look at the 3D strat model. Any suggestions as to what is causing this? I've attached examples of this. Thanks!
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