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  1. Hi, is there a possibility to determine the order of drawing of the well construction types? I am defining a type 'borehole' to see the borehole wall. But that one always plots as last, so I have to manually send it to the back. Additionally is there an option to tell RW only plot the outer border and do not fill the plot item? Thanks, Julia
  2. Hi, what is the interpolation method used when choosing 'Interpolate' for nodes that are ouside the area of available data in the Grid | Math | Resample command? It looks like closest point, is that so? Thanks, Julia
  3. Molly, thanks. Right, that's what I am doing. So I understand correct, that I need to run Striplogs | Borehole Survey program one by one for each borehole and look the depth of intersection manually and grab the inclination from there. Julia
  4. Hi, I am wondering if there is an automatic way to query the inclination (and azimuth) of a borehole at the tops of the stratigraphy layers? For know I run the 'Borehole Survey' and manually pick the location at the calculated depth. Would be nice if there is a way to do that for a bunch of boreholes automatically. Am I overseeing this command? Any suggestions welcome, thanks, Julia
  5. Hi Molly, I am working with Wenli on the same database. I checked 1) and 2). Looks all fine. It is weird, because the logs are plotted for other wells, only one is showing the data in one spot, see well 3. in the image: As Wenli states, the issue only shows when checking 'use true vertical depth' I also recalculated the xyz values for that log in question again. Any other hint what to check?
  6. Hi, a little late here for the original post I guess. But since I had the same question. I wanted to share what helped me to get five-spot sample: Based on recommendations in this post on the tough forum, I set the initial fraction of tracer to 0.01 in the reservoir and only injected tracer (no water). Thus I see in the resulting plots how the injected water moves away from the injection well. Julia
  7. Msayed, a workflow that works for me quite good (not sure if you can apply with the FEM software you are using) Generate the mesh in the GUI of the FEM software Export gridpoints or center points import into RW using: RockWorks | Utilities | File | Import | Text run the residuals on 3D solid model you have in RW using: RockWorks | Utilities | Solid | Statistics | Residuals import the info now mapped to the grid/centerpoint of your grid to the FEM mesh Cheers, Julia
  8. Hi, it'd be great to see that feature. It's been out there for a while, see similar discussion a while ago. Cheers, Julia
  9. I am wondering if anyone can suggest a best practice for keeping track of well construction changes in the database. One idea I had was to copy the well bore each time the completion changes. but that also means duplicating any log (P-) data, thus would necessarily duplicate data in the database. So ideally it would be only one well bore entry, but a possibility to go back in time for different completion setups. (e.g. adding removing gauges, deepening of a well, ....) Any other ideas out there, input appreciated. Thanks, Julia
  10. Hi, what is the fastest way to add a proper color legend when plotting P-data with disks and option 'Cold--> Hot colors' (see image) in 3D? I assume the value range I have to get from min/max of the P-data values. but which color scheme is used for visualization, 2-colors or 3-colors? what are the starting/ending colors? Best regards, Julia
  11. Hi Tom, thanks. True for horizontal wells that makes no sense. Julia
  12. Alison, thanks. In the end reducing the grids to below 10,000 grid points help speed up the process quite a bit. (It made the grids less smooth, but it was still ok for the model) Julia
  13. Hi, when running RockWorks | Borehole Manager | StripLogs | Borehole Survey the "Depth Incrementation/Resolution" refers to measured depth, right? Is there a way in Rockworks to resample this result then into constant elevation interval? Or better, get the survey at constant elevation intervals from the beginning? Thanks, Julia
  14. Hi, does anyone have experience with performance of loading files when creating layers? I am working with XYZ files, that have ~60,000 points and the loading takes more than five minutes. Would dxf or contour be faster? Do "internal boundaries" already in the model have an effect on the speed of loading? Tips or tricks how to speed up the loading process are appreciated. Thanks, Julia
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