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  1. Ok, an update, I'm part way there. If I "save as" a pdf (rather than using a pdf writer as printer) then the scaling matches what is on the screen and I can then print. But the box for the legend is not sized properly for the legend text - legend extends out side of box and is partially obscured by line. So questions: 1) is there a way to size box independent of text? 2) can the line be turned off? 3) Is there a limit to number of text characters for legend and so do I have to shorten my labels? Scott
  2. Hi, My diagrams look great on the screen but when I try to print to paper or save in a printable file format (e.g. pdf) the legend box does not scale correctly (see attachment). The font of the text is correct but the box is so huge it does not fit on screen. I want to get the images in a format that is easily viewable and printable by people who don't have GWB. Any suggestions?Eh pH at 10-6 activity mine water.pdf Thanks, Scott
  3. Hi, I've just started using GWB and I'd like to have a simple concise record of the input settings for each Spec8 run, similar to what is shown in the GBRM textbook, showing what is decoupled, what is swapped, constraints etc. Is there a view that shows this? Is there a way to have this print on the output? Thanks, Scott
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