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  1. I am using a bar graph to plot geochemical anayses down core in a well. Depending on what scale I plot my data at, logplot is randomly leaving out data points at some depths. There is no pattern to which points it decides to plot or leave out, i.e., every second point or all points of certain analysis, it will just pick a point here and there, sometimes many in a row and not plot them. If I change the scale to zoom on a part of core (i.e., 2 to 1 units per page) it will display them all. I have thoroughly went through the data set, deleted and recreated the multi-interval data tab that the template is referencing, and repasted the data. I find this frustrating as I had to manually check old plots to make sure it wasn't doing it with other data. Usually I can trust that this program won't let me down. Has anyone else had this problem? Help!
  2. I am having an issue plotting a True Vertical Depth Curve. I have gamma ray data from a deviated well and wish to depth correct the data to vertical. I have created an Orientation tab and have the deviation survey entered. I understand how to use a scale bar in the design template to reflect the true vertical depth down, but I want to depth correct the actual gamma ray curve to vertical. According to the help menu I can do this by ticking the "True Vertical Depth Curve" box in the Curve Column setup (and choosing Dip from Vertical, my orientation data type). However, when I check this box the data will not plot and I get an empty curve column. If I uncheck the box, the data plots fine. I've been through the deviation survey numbers and can't figure out why the program won't use the survey to depth-correct my curve. Help! Any suggestions?
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