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  1. Dear support team, is there a possibility to draw Striplogs with Idata as cylinder with an defined range ? I only found the column radius is just an procentual of the map area ?! Did i understand that right ? So if i want to draw a cylinder with 2m radius, how should or could i do this ? Thank you so far. best regards Frank
  2. Hey, my problem is, is hav to visualize wall panels. I used Surface Objects, this is quietan easy way. But these objects are only in 3D and didn't find a way that i can display them on a cross section or profile. I have a stratigraphy model too and now i want to make a profile were you can see where the panels are. Is there an option like draw polygons in 2D or something ? I have another question too. Is it possible to define which boreholes are enabled in rcl script? Thank you . Best regards Frank
  3. f.schmied

    RCL Scripts

    Hi Tom, thank you for your answer. But i actually use the project command. In the same way you wrote but anyway there is no change. Any other ideas? thank you frank
  4. f.schmied

    RCL Scripts

    Hey, i want to start rcl scripts from vba script, i need in excel. So the data used in excel should be imported directly by run a script from there. So far, no problems. I have the *.rcl files stored in an extra folder, not in the Project folder. The script should be used for many projects. If i run the script everything goes right but in the folder i stored the script, Rockworks makes an empty project. Now is the question: why? Could i inhibit this oder is this required ? Thanks a lot. best regards frank
  5. f.schmied

    Polygon Clip

    Hello, i have a question. Is it possible to clip a 3D surface with several polygons at one time? I have different distribution areas in shapefile - data, now i wan't to clip my surfaces generated from borehole data. I only see that I can clip the surface with one polygon at a time. So is there an how to for clipping with several polygons or does this option not exist? Thank you
  6. hi, so the program didn't create a bug report. Only a Error Message window pops up. The version is use is -> Revision 2010.2.16 Rockworks 15 I attach the picture from the error. Thank you so far frank
  7. [email protected], my problem in detail: In the dialog for Stratigraphy modell, if i choose there the option -> Hide thin zones, everytime the error -> Floating point overflow occurs. It doesn't matter how big the area is or how many boreholes i use. Is this a problem caused by my hardware? Does is come from the software ? OR anything else? If i don't choose this option, the process runs without any error. I hope someone has an answer. best wishes frank
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