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  1. Dear all, is it possible to add superscript or subscript fonts in a Lithology Pattern Column - Description column? Or in simple Interval Text column? I need to present a litology description in which there are different geological stages written as combination of letters and numbers, like K22 I cannot find this option anywhere. Thank you, Ozi
  2. Ozi

    Comma instead of point

    Bravoooo!! Works perfectly!!! Thank you, that was really quick! Ozi P.S. Do you always fix LP problems so fast? I'll have to complain more often !!
  3. Ozi

    Comma instead of point

    Hi! Uh, I forgot to mention, I use latest version of LP (, WinXP (SP3); decimal symbol ",", digit grouping symbol ".", measurement system "Metric"... Thanks, Ozi
  4. Ozi

    Comma instead of point

    Hi there!! Thank you, Molly and TomB, for quick reply! Well, I was affraid that it was the US number format that's creating a problem. Not the first time - I had similar problems with decimal numbers in Interval-data tabs too. But there, it sometimes did happen, sometimes did not ?!? Anyway, I don't think that creating LPT files is a solution for me, cause I'm adding data all the time, as I get new chemical analysis data and so on. I guess I'll leave the bitmaps for the last. And, untill some solution comes along, I'll just have swich to US number format while working in LP or RW :-( Thanks again for your help, Ozi
  5. Hi there!! I have tried to add images to the log in an Image Column. It works very fine, looks good. But when I close the tab with a log, or whole LP, and then start it again, links in Bitmap column change from like C:\xyz.jpg to C:\xyz,jpg and therefore don't work. It's all the same if I insert picture as "Link to file" or "Imbed in LPT". I use "Imbed in LPT" as default, and it sounds logical that link is no more needed (as LP should imbed those images), but error apears anyway. So, do you have any idea how to solve this? Thank you, Ozi
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