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  1. Dear Molly, Thanks for your reply. We have just tried the things you mentinoed whereas we were not able to fit the ground surface to our top of stratigraphy model. There was a gap between ground surface and stratigraphy model. In addition, some of our boreholes extend above the ground surface, though the ground surface elevations and borehole elevations are ok in our CAD drawing. We are trying to model a dam site with the borehole data available. Is it possible to send our data and let you to look at it? Regards
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  3. Hi everybody, While we are creating our stratigraphic model, we want to define ground surface from a dxf file. The first question is how to convert .dxf file to .grid file. We followed the instruction but program gave an error in each application. Somehow, we managed to convert our .dxf file to xyz data sheet and we created our grid file for ground surface. The second and more important question we come accross is here actually: We have stratigraphic layers defined by borehole data. When we create our model without checking the “constrain model based on ground surface” option, the boundary conditions of our model are seen as acceptable. However, the surface condition is not similar to our real condition; in other words it is not acceptable. So we checked that option (constrain model based on ground surface), defined it by our previously converted .dxf file and we also choose the “truncate units above ground surface” & “replace topmost surface with ground surface grid model” options. However, in this case we got a model which have acceptable ground surface condition (by the way, when we import our original .dxf file on to model we see that they do not match properly but they are at least close to each other) and nonsense stratigraphic design. Our topmost stratigraphic layer extended up to newly defined surface without saving its thickness we had defined in borehole data. As a brief summary; I want to create my model based on my borehole data and define its ground surface with an adaptable imported file (eg., .dxf file). However, as I tried to describe I have some problems with it. So I need some help urgently. So if you help me soon I will be appreciating.
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