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  1. Hi Tom, It seems i am not permitted to upload data file. I sent to you via email. Thanks very much! Dimin
  2. Hello Tom, I am trying to use React to model the reaction of zero valent Fe nanoparticles with bicarbonate in water. I made the input of basis as: HCO3-,Fe (mineral), Na+, Cl-, H+. In the reactant, i chose kinetic mineral as 0.5g Fe, specified surface area (20m2/g) and assumed one rate constant (1e-5). When I ran the script. It said O2 has to be in the basis. So I added O2 into basis. Because my system is essentially anoxic, I made the O2 concentration very low (1nmolal). However, the scripts seemed still to be wrong. It said residual are too large and there is no normal iteration. Can you give me some suggestions to fix it? I attached my script. Thanks Dimin React_Fe_CO3.rea
  3. Hi Tom, Thanks for your prompt response. I attached the act2 file. The reason to convert it to the text file is that we can use the data GWB generates and replot it if we want to modify it. Like if I want to overlay FeS speciation over the Tc speciation diagram. I saw one paper using GWB to construct As/Fe/S diagram which is similar to what I want. In that diagram both arsenic sulfide and iron sulfide speciation can show up. Thanks Dimin TcFeS.ac2
  4. Hi, I am new to GWB. I am trying to use it to bulid an Eh-pH diagram for Technetium in the presence of iron and sulfur. I used TcO4- as the Diagram species. I also speciated SO42- and iron over x-y. The problem i had is that when I do plot, i hope both FeS2 and TcSx can be shown at the same time. It turned out only TcSx showed up. When I checked the log, I found the system does not take account of FeS2. Is there any way to make both FeS and TcS show up simultaneously? Another question is that when I export the graph plotted in Act2, can I export it as txt like Gtplot file? The mannual says no. But I am wondering if there is any other way to do that? Can Gtplot accomplish Eh-pH diagram like Act2? Thanks Dimin
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