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  1. Dear Alison, I heard Pitzer model has been recently implemented in Toughreact version 1.2. I was wondering if Petrasim now allows to use Pitzer Ion interaction model. Thank you. Regards.
  2. Hi Alison, In Petrasim, I am building a model of 2 km thick and 10 km long in radial distance for CO2 leakage through a vertical injection well. To make the vertical leakage happen, i made the first row of the model (representing the inj well) a quite porous and permeable. But the model, somehow, is not running. I can not figure out the probel. Is it that the first row cells of the model are way too more porous and permeable compared to the rest of the cells. Or is it that pressure of each formation are a quite different and not really hydrostatically equilibrated. How can i equilibrate the pressure in the model? Thank you. Reagrds, I couldnt attach the simulation file for the leakgae model. It says not permitted.
  3. Hi all, do you know what parameter is this, CO2(g) in the react file of the tOUGHREACT simulation. Is it CO2 gas partial pressure? And also the unit is in bar? I simulated CO2 injection into an aquifer. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, Can i define 2D radial grid in Petrasim? I tried to develop 2 D radial model in Petrasim for CO2 injection. However, when i look at the mass balance, my model has more CO2 than what i injected? When i ise 1D radial model, i am getting the right mass balance for CO2. What could be the cause? Thanks
  5. Hi Mette,I just saw this reply now. Thank you anyway. I remember solving the issue exactly the same way you explained. Chance
  6. I was wondering how you wrote the code and implemented it in petrasim? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I am a freshman using Petrasim/ToughReact. I am trying to rum a simulation. But it doesnt work and it says " Singular Matrix in Chemical Solver, STOP" What could be the reason? Can anyone kindly help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Dear all, I am working on CO2 sequestration and am currently trying to simulate CO2/brine/caprocks interactions with Petrasim/ToughReact. Does ToughReact do the speciation analysis of brine like Phreeqc? thanks in advance. Chance.