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  1. Hi, What is P-test table actually? "Text" is only available for I-Data and T-Data but not for P-Data in the log designer. problem still not solved. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Is there any method I can show the exact value entered to "Point" in 3D Striplogs? Thanks
  3. Hi, I found that the same situation will also occur in the Polygon Clip Filter function (model not smoothed) How to adjust the resilution of the model? Thanks
  4. Hi Tom B Thanks for answering. But seems you misunderstood my question. I have chosen "Constrain Model Based On Ground Surface" when I generate the Stratigraphy Model. After that, I want to generate a rockhead contour base on the generated model. (using Stratigraphy/Structural Elevations/2D ) However, the contour generated shows the rockhead above ground level, which is not true. Seems the contour does not "Constrain Model Based On Ground Surface" How to tackle this problem in this case? Thanks
  5. Hi all, After a 3D Stratigraphy Model has been generated, I want to form a contour map of a certain strata (e.g. a rockhead contour). I used Stratigraphy/Structural Elevations/2D and selected the top layer of the strata. A contour map was formed, however, the result does not take the ground surface in consideration. Strata does not truncate above the ground surface. How can I fix the problem? Thanks
  6. Then how can I draw a 3D box tuunel (e.g. an immersed tube)? Thanks
  7. Hi Mitch, I am trying to use the Tube Filter to plot the tunnel. However, the shape of the tunnel in the result is not as smooth as the one I got in Grafix Do I need to set the XYZ spacing for the Tube Filter function? And how to plot tunnel that is not in circular section? Thanks
  8. Hi, I have used the same data set and generated the 3D stratigraphy model with the same setting for many times. In the beginning, I could obtain resonable result of 3D model. Howvever,after I have repeated the process for many times, I cannot otbain any results at all now (seems the program hanged with a blank screen). Moreover, my colleague is now unable to start the process after she used the programme many times. I would like know whether the errors (if any) form during the process will build up & store in the programme. Do we need to clean up or debug the system regularly? Please kindly give me some advice. Thanks
  9. Thanks for answering. But is there any method I can present the fences in 2D?
  10. [duplicate post deleted]
  11. Hi, I am using Rockworks to study the geological condition along 4 potential alignments of a proposed tunnel. Stratigraphy Model has been generated by adjacent boreholes information. 4 fences along 4 alignments have also been created with the function Fence in a 3D format. How can I extract these 4 fences and present them in 2D format? Or I can only get a 2D fence/section with the function Section? After generating 2D statigraphy section, how can I draw the tunnel alignment to the section? (a 3D tunnel alignment has been generated) Thanks
  12. concerning the order value of soil, I have questions. In my case, rock type 1 were found above and/or below rock type 2 in different boreholes e.g. Borehole 1 0 1 Fill 1 2 Marine Deposit 2 3 Bedrock (Granite) 3 Bedrock (Tuff) Borehole 2 0 2 Fill 2 3 Marine Deposit 3 5 Bedrock (Tuff) 5 Bedrock (Granite) what should be their order value? when froming the Stratigraphy Model, how can I select both rock type 1 and rock type 2 be the possible Strat Unit for Baseplate? and what would be the problem of having the same order value for 2 rock types? Thanks
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