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  1. Thanks for the help Tom. Unloading the menu allowed me to use Quicksurf with the ribbon but there are still some minor issues I am still trying to fully document. One example is that when I perform an operation using the ribbon (i.e. click grid) I have to press "enter" 2 extra times to gird the current surface compared to entering "grd" on the command line.

    With regards to your most recent post, can I have the ribbon and the menu installed at the same time? I am trying to get use to the ribbon but for productivity purposes I still use the menus most of the time.

  2. I have recently installed Quicksurf for AutoCAD2010 on three different machines and I am haveing some problems getting all of the features to work. The bottom line is that some of the dialog boxes don't come up. I noticed the problem initially when I attempted to use the Slope Colors dialog box to contour a surface by the slope. I then began checking some of the other features and found that nearly half of the dialog boxes don't appear when they should. Some items result in nothing being entered on the command line, while send the command (i.e. PAINT) from the classic menu but not from the ribbon.

    Any help resolving this issue will be appreciated.

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