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  1. Hey Tom, I am sorry I have not replied to you in so long. I was crunched for time and went with Surfer to make my rose diagrams but now have more time to work on this again. I will see if I can figure it out based on your input above if not will send you some data to see how it works for you... thanks again and hope you new year is going well. Melissa.
  2. Thank you very much for your advice earlier but don't know how to create xy data in ArcMap so converting it is not helping. I am just giving up on that option and hoping to start over; additionally I am not very good at learning how to use new software on my own even using the help. I have some lineaments I am digitizing in ArcMap and in the attribute table can get the length and orientation to be added as fields. How do I create rose diagrams one with total count and total length based on orientation of course. Any ideas? Do you guys have a tutorial/powerpoint/video/anything... like rockware for dummy's Thanks so very much, Melissa
  3. Hello, I am a very new user of RockWare and wanted to see what people have been doing with rose diagrams drawn from data digitized in ArcMap. I have a personal geodatabase with polylines and would like to know how to display it as a rose diagram with orientations and total length within bins. I have found ways of drawing rose diagrams if i can figure out how to gather X1,Y1 and X2,Y2 data but don't know how to do it in Arc - is this the only way to do a total length and orientation diagram? Any ideas? Thanks very much for your time, Melissa
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