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  1. Hi alison, thanks for the effort to e-mail SWS. did they already reply to you with an other solution for this problem? I hope so, since it would safe me a lot of time importing. tx! greetings, rob
  2. hi all, i had a question. i made in rockware a lithology model for an environmental model I need to make in visual modflow. i was wondering is anybody knows a way to export this model from rockware and import this into visual modflow? i figured that i could export the model with a resolution of say 1 meter, make in visual modflow the same amount for every layer a grind file containing the x ,y, and K values (which are linked to the lithology). but if your model is 200 deep this a bloody lot of work. Does somebody knows a better and more efficient way?? hope someone can help me on this.. tx! Rob
  3. Rob Faas

    RCL questions

    Hi Tom, Thanks for your quick reply. i forget indeed to tell wich version i'm using. The version here is rockworks 2006, revision 2008.3.28 i saw as well that there are no options in Perimeter Annotation Options to change the decimals and draw a scale bar. i just hoped that i could do this with some RCL code. a well, maybe in another version of rockworks. thanks again for your quick reply. greets, rob
  4. Rob Faas

    RCL questions

    From time to time i have to make different lithology profiles over and over again. so i decided to make and rcl script to automate the work. it works wonders. i only have a few questions if some options are also possible to script. 1)changing decimals to 0 (ie 1.0 -> 1). When i draw a profile the vertical axis is showing the numbers with 1 decimal (ie 10.0). i want the axis without and decimal (10). atm i now manually do this in rockplot. i was wondering if this is possible within the script. i tried the following code: DEFINE: PROFILE_BORDER INCLUDE_BORDER True DEFINE: BORDER AUTOMATIC_DECIMALS false DEFINE: BORDER DECIMAL_PLACES 0 i don't know what it does but it is not changing the decimal on my vertical axis. so i'm looking for an other option to taclke this problem. 2) scalebar in the rockplot files. In the current profiles i substitute the bottom X and Y axis for one scalebar that shows the distance within the profile. I found the options to disable the X and Y bars in the scipt but was wondering if it is possible to script the scalebar so that is it drawn on the profile automaticly instead of me drawing it every time manually in rockplot. 3) the option RKW2PNG is somehow not working correctly for me. When i use this function the final png only shows the bottom part of the picture (see attached png). somehow i made an error in the code and can't find it. i'm using the following code: DEFINE: RKW2PNG RKW_FILE_NAME S:\..\input.rk6 DEFINE: RKW2PNG PNG_FILE_NAME S:\..\output.png DEFINE: BITMAP_OPTIONS RESOLUTION 300 DEFINE: BITMAP_OPTIONS VERT_EXAG 5.0 EXECUTE: RKW2PNG could somebody help me to find out what is wrong? a lot of quetions hopefully someone can help me with it. thanks, Rob
  5. hi molly, thanks for your quick reply. i will try to see if the section option is an good option for the work i'm doing. the tip to to put some of the layars of is a great tip. works a lot easier selecting! thanks again for your fast reply! greetings, rob
  6. i'm using rockworks (2006) for a while now to create lithology models and profiles. It works create. the only thing i'm always getting a bit frustrated about is the label placements in rockplot within the lithology profiles. if there are to many boreholes close to each other the labels are plotted on top of each other which gives a black blur. atm i'm replacing all the double plotted labels by hand but this is a lot of work and since the selection of labels takes time. I was wondering if there is an option somewhere to tell the software not to print labels on top of each other but next, above, or what ever. this would safe me a lot of time and work. thanks for your help! greetings, rob
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