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  1. Thank you for the reply. I got the background map to display. I cant really use the "create additional lines" comman because the lines are not all the same lenth. My study area has an odd shape becoming narrow on the 1 end. As far as I can tel I can only import 1 line at a time, run the process and then have to import the next line and start again? Wilhelm
  2. Good day I have created a geological model from several surfer grids I imported in to RW. My 3D Strat model looks ok, but now I need to make about 80 sections through the model at 200m spacing. I have the lines I would like to use in ArcMap, I have also created a txt file with start and end XY point. How do I use this to create my sections?I also want to know if I can plot an outline of my model on the location chart. I have a shape file outline of my area (which is not square).Any help would be appreceated regards Wilhelm
  3. Hi I see there is an option to import shotpoint location data into rockworks. Is it possible to import the actual seismic line and use it in cross-sections? We use seismic lines in SEG-Y format.
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    structure model

    Hi Faults do not only go vertically down, is there a way to create 3D faults by taking into account dip and strike readings of the fault? regards Wilhelm
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