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  1. Depth conversion

    Another newbie question. Does Rockware2002 have the capability to convert feet to meters or cm to meters for that matter. I am using rockware to create strat columns and correlations for a number of outcrops we surveyed and most of our measurements are in cm / m. Again thanks in advance, Patti
  2. Weathered profiles and adding text

    Hi Tofer, Thank you for the reply. I thought that might be the answer. Playing with the % does seem to work satisfactorily though. I'll have to wait until the university tries to upgrade to 2004 for the reportworks. Thanks again
  3. Hi all, I'm rather new to rockware and have been wondering whether 2002 can create weathered profiles? I've been working with the striplogs and I can "weather" them varying the percentages in the lithology or stratigraphy tables, but it still doesn't have the curves of a handdrawn profile. Does anyone know if this can be done. Also, is there a simple feature in RW2002 (that's the version our university has currently) that adds text and lines to striplogs (single or multiple). I'm sure it's something I've missed somewhere. Thanks in advance, Patti