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  1. How can I force RW to calculate the bottom hole xyz coordinates? The de-surveying tool requires an increment and will not go to TD without that increment being "1" unless my TD is divisible by the chosen increment. In some cases I have decimal place feet TDs.
  2. Has anyone successfully used EOS1 with water plus tracer option, i.e., actually had the simulation run beyond loading the TOUGH2 file and produced values for X2?
  3. I've organized all the layers data into xyz files. I go through the layer dialogue to create each successive layer. After, I have nothing that will display except the flat 2D bottom of the model. I try region, layer, grid visibility toggles but there's nothing. If I create a mesh I do then see the model and can see that the top layer is not planar but defined by my xyz file. However, each layer (select all from the layer in tree view) is the entire size of the model. There are still no discrete layers. Interestingly, the mesh shows the Z divisions from the layers dialogue. What's happened to m
  4. Do experienced users have any suggestions if with multiple simulation results I go through part of the loading results process and end with no loaded results and "Could not load results: Could not map binary data file" message from Petraim? Thanks, Ian
  5. Is there a way to import well bores from a 3D dwg/dxf? I can extract collar location; however, I do not have a survey/orientation file as those data are only recorded in the 3D points defining the deviated bores in Autocad.
  6. I see now that the grid initialize output is not happy with steep dips. A dip of 89 produces a useless sliver of a plane. I need a quick representation of faults built from a single XYZ and a measured dip direction.
  7. I cannot get the Grid Initialize function to create a vertical plane "dipping" to 210. I've supplied all the required parameters and the 2D contour output hangs up at 96% complete and the 3D output is blank with no grid surface. Is something wrong with grid initialize after the most recent software upgrade?
  8. I have elevation attributed polylines that are structure contours of an interpreted fault. I have duplicated the ASCII format of the help file and still have no success using the polyline to plane tool. This is a plane surface, not irregular. I've created a grid of the elevations-do I need to drape it on itself? I've worked in multiple 3D modeling environments but am new to RockWorks. This seems like a much too easy task to be so hard to figure out. How do you quickly display an interpreted fault plane in 3D to test structural interpretations? I will need to do this quickly and often and there
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