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  1. So Im still having issues with the Logplot LAS Import not liking the LAS Files. I am attaching the Bug File. What do you recommend I do? Thanks, April bugreport.txt
  2. I uploaded several files through the link you provided. A tif of the well log, didger project file, an LAS file, and a logplot ldfx. As you can see my LAS file has FT after each heading, COMP is repeated, PROV is repeated. The LAT numbers are missing. Thanks for any help you can provide. April
  3. So I can not add multiple curves from a LAS file into one plot automatically? I also cannot add 2 or more LAS files into one plot? Or add multiple LAS files into one logdesign? So then I must design a logdesign for each pair of curves? Then in order to have a 2 LAS files into a plot, I must add my curves into one LAS File or open each LAS file and copy the data manually into a logdesign dat file? Am I on the right track? Or am I making this too complex? Thanks
  4. I am working with Didger 4 and then trying to get the files into the templates in Logplot. However I am having many issues. 1. When I use the export LAS option, my LAS files have repeated headings, the Depth unit is repeated in all heading rows, not all headings in the export window are showing up in my LAS file. etc. Then the well log information is limited. So I am having to make tedious fixes in notepad. 2. When I export the LAS Files into Logplot, sometimes it gives me an error asking to close the application or does not read the LAS file. Or the data is exported sometimes with similar
  5. Im wondering is it possible to Import LAS files or multiple LAS files, SP and Resistivity, into the same column (cross plot). If so How do I do this? I see the first example in the Logplot gallery, so Im wondering if that was done manually (ie log design template, and copy data from excell)? Thanks, April
  6. April_SC09

    LAS Export

    I am Exporting Gamma Ray Profiles into Logplot as LAS files, It automatically gives me a line with Start to End (0 and 100) but I would prefer a scale bar with ticks and intervals (0, 10, 20, etc). How would I change the horizontal scale bar? Thanks
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