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  1. Interval of interest in detail / larger scale. Possible?

    Hello again, My appreciations for the response. Actually after creating the topic, what I figured out was your 'work around solution'; it was comforting to be confirmed. About the suggestion: Would be nice to have this "magnified inset" feature internally. To be clear, it is a must for my work. Thank you. E.
  2. Hullo all, As a rookie of the software, I would like to ask you if it is possible to have a column of a specified interval in detail; similar to lithology item, but larger in scale. Let's say overall/main scale of 1:200; but a specified interval of 1:50 where necessary as a seperate column. And of course a seperate scale bar pointing out only this interval of interest. Please refer to image below, I tried to sketch it; What I need is the encircled portion on the right. Link to sketch Many thanks in advance. Best regards. E.