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  1. Hello, I have upgraded to a new computer and I am attempting to install Quicksurf 2013 on ACAD 2013. When I type in the command “QSCONVERT” I get the error “Error in accessing the registry”. I have uninstalled and reinstalled from the disk several times to no avail. The program is working as a trial copy. Please advise.
  2. Hi Tom, I got it to work by changing the startup suite to the .lsp file. I fixed the dialog box error with the FILEDIA command by setting it back to (1). All is well now. Ahh, the joys of updating...
  3. Hello, I received the new quicksurf and all hell has broken loose. I have added the support file search path, added the menu file and added the MNU to the startup suite, just like I always do. Everything looks fine, but much has changed. My ACAD is now acting crazy. My windows dialog boxes for saving and opening files are gone, and there are numerous problems with quicksurf. I'm getting dialod box errors from commands like config ASCII load. There is someting up with the dialog boxes. I need help. FYI...My quicksurf disks have a 2009 label and the zip file says 2010. The sales people told me it is OK as long as the zip file is named 2010.
  4. Hi Tom, I'm not sure how to locate the license number from the software. These copies were purchased online from PetroByte many years ago. Is there some way to find out what I have?
  5. Is the new (ACAD 2010) version available? I see an option in the pricing area for the upgrade. Next question, which upgrade do I need to buy? I currently have version 5.2 running in ACAD 2007 and I need to run in 2010. Thanks,
  6. Can someone tell me if Quicksurf v6.0 will work in ACAD 2010 and also will it work if installed on a 64-bit machine? Thanks.
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