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  1. Hi, I am trying to plot different Cr species over x-y diagram. I would loke to plot pH on the x-axis and Total Chromium concentration on the y-axis. From the analysis, I have Cr (Total)= 14 mg/l, Cr+++= 8.5 mg/l, and Cr++++++= 5.5 mg/l and pH= 7.2. Could you please help me in plotting these data? Thanks, Ari
  2. I have looked at multiple analysis appendix but it does not help. I don't want to calculate anything right now. I just want to load data from multiple sites. Will it be possible for you to run me through this? I can provide the Spreadsheet that I am trying to incorporate in GWB. Thanks, Ari
  3. How can I simply load multiple chemical analysis data (hundreds of data, from different sites and different time periods) in a place so that I can run them in Spece8. I am new and trying to do this in an efficient way. I know version 8 came up with an option for loading multiple data in the GSS but I am using essential (7.0) version. Please help. Thanks in advance, Ari
  4. Arindam2975

    SpecE8 Error

    Hi everyone, I am trying to run SpecE8 and after assigning the aqueous species when I hit the go button I am getting the following error message: "Could not open SpecE8_output.txt file. (Do you have write permission in this directory?)" Could you please help me in this regard? I also tried to put Cr++++++ as an aqueous species, but instead I have the only option of assigning Cr+++. Any suggestion? Thanks, Ari Specification: (1) The software and version you are running Geochemist’s Workbench Essentials 7.0 (2) The program(s) in question SpecE8 (3) The platform you are usin
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