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  1. Hi, I am trying to plot different Cr species over x-y diagram. I would loke to plot pH on the x-axis and Total Chromium concentration on the y-axis. From the analysis, I have Cr (Total)= 14 mg/l, Cr+++= 8.5 mg/l, and Cr++++++= 5.5 mg/l and pH= 7.2. Could you please help me in plotting these data? Thanks, Ari
  2. I have looked at multiple analysis appendix but it does not help. I don't want to calculate anything right now. I just want to load data from multiple sites. Will it be possible for you to run me through this? I can provide the Spreadsheet that I am trying to incorporate in GWB. Thanks, Ari
  3. How can I simply load multiple chemical analysis data (hundreds of data, from different sites and different time periods) in a place so that I can run them in Spece8. I am new and trying to do this in an efficient way. I know version 8 came up with an option for loading multiple data in the GSS but I am using essential (7.0) version. Please help. Thanks in advance, Ari
  4. Arindam2975

    SpecE8 Error

    Hi everyone, I am trying to run SpecE8 and after assigning the aqueous species when I hit the go button I am getting the following error message: "Could not open SpecE8_output.txt file. (Do you have write permission in this directory?)" Could you please help me in this regard? I also tried to put Cr++++++ as an aqueous species, but instead I have the only option of assigning Cr+++. Any suggestion? Thanks, Ari Specification: (1) The software and version you are running Geochemist’s Workbench Essentials 7.0 (2) The program(s) in question SpecE8 (3) The platform you are using Windows XP (5) The thermo dataset you are using thermo.dat (4) And, most importantly, an input file or script that demonstrates your concern I don’t know what to mention here
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