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  1. While trying to do the next best thing, Ive been trying to export to ESRI format so that our GIS guy can manipulate the objects. I cant seem to export my 3-D view from within Rockplot 3-D to ESRI sucessfully. Arc doesn't recognize the format. Note: I was exporting a series of panels. In the past I have had sucess exporting grids and points, and logs. --Jon
  2. I am having difficulty rotating my 3d objects in a reasonable way. The problem seems to stem from some change in coordinate system being used in the visualization program. Most often I would like to rotate about the Z axis (in my project), while viewing from some angle above the horizon. I would also like to be able to choose the point on the surface it is rotated about. The interface for Rockplot 3-d does not allow these kinds of camera shifts. Without the ability to export to VRML etc. I cant do key frameing or other kinds of flyovers that would really show off the models I have built. Maybe I need to learn some of the innerds of RCL? Also somehow the AVI ends with a crash instead of nicely. It could be something on my end I have not yet investigated thoroughly. I would love to be able to distribute the built model for viewing by others.
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