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  1. I actually wrote the code in Java and implemented it with TOUGH2 executable, not PetraSim.
  2. Physical Meanings of Various BCs

    Hi Ahmad, sorry for the confusion as I was just able to see your reply (don't know why I could only see your quote but not the reply). How long is the "post injecting period" you want to simulate? I do have similar experience that when the simulation time exceeds a certain criteria, say, 1,000 years, it will halt prematurely. But 900 years works just fine. I haven't diagnosed what causes the problem, but I don't think the BC should be different for the "injecting period" and "post-injection period" unless specified. Thanks. John
  3. Physical Meanings of Various BCs

    Thanks for the reply, but, what was that?
  4. Update: wrote a small code enabling this function. Thanks to anyone who has viewed this post. Please help me out in my other post "Physical Meanings of Various BCs"
  5. Hi all, As a rookie in using PetraSim, recently I'm struggling on choosing the right BCs for my simulations. Want to hear opinions from you guys. Default BC in TOUGH2: no mass/energy flow. This case represents a model of a reservoir, which is analog to a "can", as all the boundaries are impermeable. Fixed State BC: constant state at boundary. This case represents a modeled domain in an (approximately) infinitely large reservoir, e.g., a huge aquifer, as at the boundary cells all parameter remains identical to the IC, or "unaffected" by anything occurs in the modeled domain. Of course any desired parameter values can also be designated to the boundary cells, such as time-dependent BC. Boundary cells with huge volume factor BC: same as the "Fixed State BC", as the boundary cells are large enough to damp out any change due to injections/productions in the inner domain. Does my above statement make sense to you guys? For my particular case I want to model an area of interest in a infinitely large aquifer. To be physically consistent with the real situation, I set the "Fixed State" BC and the result looks quite creditable to me. But I'm need 120% confidence on that. Moreover, somebody at work suggested a "Updated Fixed State BC", in which the primary variables at the boundary cells are set as fixed state but will be updated to be identical to the adjacent inner cells for every some time-steps. Do you guys think such BC is more realistic than the Fixed State BC (in which all parameters remain identical to the IC)? UPDATED: it turned out that the "Updated Fixed State BC" is identical to the original "Fixed State BC". Thank you so much for being patient to read through this long post. Any comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. -JohnCO2
  6. Hello, Does anyone know if there is a way for PetraSim to do constant injection pressure simulation (as a direct result the injection rate varies automatically)? I haven't been stuck on this issue for a while and got no solution. Thanks to everyone and happy holidays! John
  7. Hi, everyone: I would like to do a simulation under ECO2N with the assumption that the CO2 property will stay constant as it comes from a geographically deeper layer to a shallower one. Is there a way to set the property as constant in PetraSim? Thanks. John
  8. Hi everyone, I'm doing a CO2 sequestration simulation with PetraSim, with a domain of 1000m*1000m*160m. However, the radius of the injection well is only 0.15m, so I want to make the mesh refined just near the injection well. Is there any way that I can create some regionally refined mesh grid based on the current coarse mesh? Thanks a lot! John
  9. How to import the contour

    Working on it. Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi everyone! I just get involved in PetraSim for my project about the CO2 sequestration. I have a problem about how to import the counter into PetraSim. In the manual, a file *.ctr is imported directly into PetraSim, but what if I only have the coordinate data of the contour, how could I convert them into a valid *.ctr file (I got 62,800+ points on the contour, so it's not possible for me to re-write the coordinate data as the structure of *.ctr file)? Thanks a lot!