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  1. Hello all, I am a new graduate student contemplating buying rockworks for a specific problem associated with my research, I wonder if someone here can tell me if this is a problem Rockworks can help with? What I need to do is calculate the volumes of many (~100), small (<1km^3) volcanoes. The problem is that they are very densly spaced and many overlap one another. Im envisioning being able to use DEMs any any other xyz data I can get to make a 3D visualization and fit geometric cones of a known volume to the volcanic cones of a unknown volume. The hard part, in my opinion, will be interpolating how the slope of one volcano (we'll call it volcano A) extends underneath another (volcano B ) and thus subtracting that volume from the calculation of volcano B, so forth and so on for about 100 of these guys. Does this sound like something I can build in Rockworks? Please let me know if Ive not explained myself very well, its rather hard to do with out a sketchbook. Thank you, Mandie
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