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    borehole ID

    Hi all we are using RW2004, I'd like to create borehole location in rw2004, but it may like this; borehole name is at top of the point(by the way how can I change its position according to point?) also if it possible another value(forexemple thickness of coal) might bottom of the point same time...like BH-02 o 4,45 thanks..
  2. energy


    Hi all I study rw15(demo) we are calculating reserve in sedimentary bedded area,my question is about reserve calculating methods 1-I have a model(studying area)enclosed with polygon clip,does RW extend last edge boreholes's thickness up to polygon border? 2-if I dont create a polygon, where does RW extend edge boreholes's thickness up to( from last edge boreholes to outside)?? Thanks...
  3. energy

    comma? point?

    Hi I am İbrahim My pc was needed format and I did it and setup again Logplot 2005 with licenced but later We have two problems 1- I do "log a compile" bottom of interval and elevation data is wrong I mean bottom of interval:65,50 elevation:1250,35 I do log a compile; bottom of interval is 6550,00 elevation: 125035,00 ıt didnt like that before 2- second problem is so interesting. I did metters value of litology units via interval data icon on ldf for exemple top of any borehole is 0,00 (enter metter) I did log a compile "0" is not appear I save as logview it and then open the logview and open the borehole, ıt appear ("0") thanks for helping
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