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  1. I have a model running which is about 70000 grid blocks. I am inputting heat at the base (into 3075 cells) and the model runs fine. When I try and inject water into the top for rainfall, the model doesn't start. It creates the input fine but then nothing - no error message at all. I get an error when there are more than 5000 injection cells in total (I've posted a question about how to get around that in another topic) but when there are 4550 it gets down to the volume and mass balances section of the output file and then just stops. Any ideas what the error might be, or how I can get around this?! Many thanks, Sophie
  2. I am getting this problem. I am using Petrasim v5. Please can you help? Many thanks, Sophie
  3. SetPixelFormat failed

    Wow, I think you nailed it! My new laptop has Intel GMA 950. My old desktop has ATI rage and has never had that problem. So does anyone know a work-around? Many thanks, Sophie
  4. I keep getting the error SetPixelFormat failed when I try and plot with Petrasim. It then crashes Petrasim. It doesn't happen every time. Has anyone experienced this and/or know what to do about it? Cheers, Sophie