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  1. Is it possible to add a river on the 3Dmodel's surface?(i have 2006 version). thank you
  2. In Stratigraphy/model option (in Borohole manager) there isn't the Constrain Model Based on Ground Surface option. Why? The rockworks version is : Rockworks 2006- revision 7.6.19. thank you!
  3. I'm new of Rockworks, so please help, even if is a simple thing, with a lot of passages! I have to do a 3d model (stratigraphy) and i have 20 boreholes in the area, but i would use also a DEM to improve the results. 1) is it possible? 2)how can i do this? 3)i try to import a dem in ascii grid export .txt but it makes error. thank you. marymini
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