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  1. Here's the error I get:

    GENERAL:UTM_DECIMALS integer setting is undefined

    ... but I have set the decimal places as recommended in the help dialog (=6).

    After I click "OK" it fills in my lat and long columns with incorrect values, and with a precision to only single degrees (not very useful). I also tried making the conversion by scripting with RCL. This time I got the blue progress bar (encouraging), no error (still encouraging), but no results.

    If I try the reverse, lat-long to UTM, that calculation seems to have no problem.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Mitch, your suggestions have helped me out a lot. Yes, I have several sections, of a variety of lengths. Here's how I am able to keep sizes of fonts and boring-log widths constant from cross-section to cross-section.

    1) keep constant the sizes of fonts and log widths

    2) vary the User-Defined Project Size and the Printing Scale together -- for example:

    - For a long cross-section, I specified the User-Defined Project Size as 100, and the Printing Scale as 1 in. = 200 units

    - For a short cross-section, approx. 1/4 as long as the long one, I specified the User-Defined Project Size as 25 and the Printing Scale as 1 in. = 50 units

    -- Michael

  3. I have unintended vertical offsets at the bends in my cross-sections. This seems to happen regardless of the angle of the bend, or whether or not there's a bore-hole log at the bend. The offset is not consistent between different stratigraphic units or between bends.

    Why might I be getting these offsets?

    How do I avoid this problem?

    I am using the Modeled Section under the Stratigraphy menu (RW 2004). There's an example of my problem in the tutorial for this tool (last image, left circle).

    Thanks for any help.

    -- Michael

  4. I'm having a hard time making my cross-sections look consistent, because it's so cumbersome to specify sizes for fonts, widths of logs, etc. Are the sizes of things really calculated as a percentage of the study-area width, as I recall reading somewhere? If so, which width (N-S or E-W)? Are some sizes calculated as a percentage of page size?

    I'm hoping someone can suggest an efficient way to keep the sizes consistent from section to section -- a size of 0.04 is too small in some instances, and too big in others.

    Thanks for any help.

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